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Adding feng-shui to your home can change your life. The main goals of feng shui are to improve your mood, well-being, and inner fortitude by establishing balance, harmony, and natural energy flow. Using this tranquil interior Tabletop Water Feature is among the greatest ways to do this.


The north corner, which symbolises water elements, is the best location for your fountain in terms of feng shui. The hallway is another excellent location, but make sure the indoor fountain's water flow is directed inside your home to encourage the positive energy to stay there rather than flowing back out. Home offices are a terrific area to generate positive energy for your workday because many of us work from home.


You can unwind by listening to the calming sound of trickling or flowing water since it is a tranquil, pleasant sound. It can also assist you in letting go of any strain or stress you may be carrying about if you listen to the sound, particularly when meditating.


Fountains come in beautiful, environmentally friendly boxes. You may find the user handbook inside.


Pump Included; Built-In Lighting; Flow/Rate Control; Electric

Choose the ideal design for good feng shui from a selection of 7 options.

Tabletop Water Features

SKU: AW-WaterF-01
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